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Comprehensive management solutions to keep your Commercial & Residential properties performing optimally

Getting Started

Laying the foundation is key when assuming management of a rental property. Whether your property is vacant or occupied by an existing tenant, we begin by scheduling a comprehensive inspection of your property to determine your condition and take appropriate notes and photographs to provide you with valuable feedback. If your property is occupied by a tenant, this inspection will allow us to interact with the tenant and establish a working relationship. The goal is for them to be open and honest with us so we can be made aware of any issues that may come up.

Our initial inspection of your property will also allow us to assist you with any necessary maintenance. Typically, a property that is moved in ready will rent quicker, obtain a premium rental rate and attract a qualified tenant. If your property requires maintenance, we are ready to assist. We have qualified, licensed and insured vendors who can provide estimates or can direct repairs to you, a repairman of your choice or home warranty. Depending on budget, we can help you prioritize repairs so your home can be in the best condition possible. Our goal is to lease your home to the most qualified tenant, maximizing your rental income and have a successful tenancy.

Marketing and Advertising

Sapphire’s land development team knows the ins and outs of single family and multi-family residential development. We seek first to appreciate what is important to each client and to the residents that will live in the communities we design. We understand how to mold a parcel of land into a thriving neighborhood.  Sapphire provides full site services, from planning and rezoning, to engineering and entitlement, as well as construction administration and management.

Property Marketing & Advertising

Tenant Screening

The quality of your tenant can make or break your rental property. That is why tenant screening is one of the most critical aspects of managing a rental property. It can reveal past evictions, unpaid rent or a bad tenancy – aspects you will want to avoid when leasing your property. Rather than just skimming the surface when looking at a prospective tenant’s qualifications, we go in-depth when evaluating their background.

Tenant Screening Process

Our tenant screening process includes:

  • Credit History Check
  • National Background & Criminal Check
  • Identity Verification
  • Rental History Review (Unpaid Rent, Evictions)
  • Employment and Financial Verification

This detailed report will allow us and you to make a confident decision as to the applicant and whether or not they qualify as a tenant for your property.

The Application Process

Rental applications are easy to access and processed online. Credit and background fees are assessed directly to prospective tenants. Once the tenant screening is complete, our property managers will go over the applicant’s qualifications with you, provide a recommendation and obtain approval or denial. If multiple applicants apply at the same time, all applications will be presented to you for a decision, with us providing a recommendation.
Sapphire Property Management abides by all state and federal fair housing laws and ethical standards.


Once a prospective applicant is approved by you, they will be required to sign a lease agreement, and supply a security deposit and rent (1st month or prorated, depending on what time of the month they occupy the property). All initial funds are required to be certified. Tenants will transfer all applicable utilities into their name. A move-in walk-through will be scheduled with one of our field agents who will document the condition of the property in detail, with notations and numerous photographs using custom inspection software. At that time, keys will be delivered to the tenant and they will take possession. Your property is now officially leased!

Property Inspections

Making sure your property is upkept and in good repair is key to effective property management. Property inspections help us accomplish this. While many property management companies do not inspect their properties, we believe it’s necessary. And rather than just say we inspect, we actually do. When moving a tenant in or out of your property, we don’t just hand over a self guided walk through sheet. Rather, we meet with the tenants and complete a detailed walk through, documenting the property with notes and photographs for your protection. This way, accountability can be maintained. Periodic and annual inspections are also outlined with the tenants from the outset. When completed, you will receive a detailed report with photographs on the condition of the property.

Propery Inspection

In summary, inspections are completed:

  • When we first begin managing your home
  • When the tenants move in – we perform a detailed move-in walkthrough
  • Annually when occupied by a tenant and/or at lease renewal
  • When the tenants move out – we perform a detailed move out a walkthrough

Property Maintenance

A well maintained home is key to maximizing rent income and keeping tenants long term. We work hard to help you stay on top of repairs and necessary upkeep. Our maintenance staff is trained and experienced in troubleshooting and coordinating repair requests and available after hours, holidays and weekends for emergencies. While maintenance is one of the top concerns of property owners, we help efficianize it by utilizing qualified, licensed and insured repairmen, home warranties, insurance companies or vendors of your choice. High ticket repairs require extra diligence and communication. As a result, you will be contacted and part of the approval process.

Property Maintenance

How do we handle repair requests from a tenant?

  • Step 1: Determining the maintenance issue
  • Step 2: Troubleshooting with the tenant to see if it can be simply repaired
  • Step 3: Coordinating the repair with one of our licensed, bonded and insured vendors OR
    If you provided a home warranty, vendor or the issue relates to insurance coverage, scheduling the repair with them.
  • Step 4: Process and pay the invoice

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accurate and transparent financial reporting and bookkeeping are key aspects of good property management and something we take seriously. While it can be easy to get lost in accounting paperwork, receipts, and tax documents for your rental property, we make it simple. Your online web portal will give you access to all pertinent documents and account statements in real-time.
Our full-service accounting services include:

  • Rent collection
  • Monthly account statements
  • Direct deposit of rent money to you
  • Year-end tax statement and 1099 reporting
  • Year-end profit and loss
  • Copies of all invoices and bills
  • Tenant billing and invoices
Accounting & Book Keeping

Legal Guidance & Evictions

One of the most stressful aspects for rental property owners is the prospect of eviction. This is where we come in. Because of our rigorous tenant screening process to reduce risk and evictions, we have continuously maintained less than a 1% annual eviction rate. However, in the unlikely event of nonpayment of rent or noncompliance with the lease, you can rest assured that we will guide you through the entire process.
This includes:

  • Late notices
  • Notices for noncompliance with the lease
  • Court filing and appearance
  • Eviction processing
  • Constable meeting
Legal guidance & Eviction

HOA Compliance

Many of the properties Sapphire manages are in HOA-managed communities, with strict rules and regulations designed to maintain your home’s value. All tenants are provided with a copy of the rules and regulations for the community prior to signing the lease and are expected to comply.
In the event of an HOA violation, we:

  • Communicate with the HOA management company to close out the violation
  • Attend board hearings as needed
  • Communicate with the tenant to obtain compliance
HOA Management

Utility Services

Tenants are responsible for paying utility bills at your property. Utility services (power, gas, water, sewer & trash) are turned on and transferred through our office, so you never have to worry about an interruption of service. We also handle initial turn on, transfer and bill pay. We verify that tenants have transferred all appropriate utilities in a timely fashion and separately bill tenants for utilities that are non-transferable (depending on the exact location where your property is located). We are also experienced with solar power in the event you have solar panels through a third party provider.